Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our New House

So we finally sold our house in NM. It is a huge relief and now we feel like we can start on our new house. So we are back to designing our plans and working on deeding the ground. We are hoping to get started soon before the ground freezes and makes it hard to dig and pour concrete. But if we don't get started until spring that is great to. It just gives me more time to plan. We are going to build something a little smaller than we had planned originally. We really want to build something we can pay off really quickly so we can do lots of other stuff besides just pay for a house. It should be really nice though. I will keep you updated on our progress. When it is done we expect all of our friends from NM to come and visit us. We sure do miss you all!!!


Jon dressed up like a prison guard for work. All of the girls that work in his office dressed up like inmates. One of the girl's dad is the captain of the SWAT team and let Jon borrow a belt, a night stick, a badge and one of the guns they practice with. So he looked pretty convincing. On the back of his shirt are big white letters that say POLICE. It was pretty funny. When we went out that night a lot of people didn't recognize him with the hair and glasses, including his own brother.
Isabel really wanted to be a scary vampire, but she is so darn cute she came out more like a seductive one instead. Isabel was able to go trick or treating with some of her good friends and that made it way funner.

Andrew wanted to be a hunter and "shoot deers" just like his daddy. He was tons of fun. He would march right up to the houses and say trick or treat with all of the other kids. He really had a great time.

Isabel hits double digits!

I can't believe that it has been 10 years since I first saw my tiny little girl. She sure has grown! I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming. Isabel is the sweetest, most patient, and is truly concerned about others. She is so beautiful both inside and out. I feel so blessed every day to be her mom. I don't know how I was so lucky to have been chosen to be the mother of such a special girl. We sure love her!!!
Isabel was sick on her birthday and spent part of her day in the urgent care seeing the doctor. She had some contagious sinus thing and she was so worried that no one would be able to come and celebrate with her. Our wonderful family decided to risk it for her and they all came anyway. She was truly touched. (and luckily no one got sick.)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Pictures of my ADORABLE kids.

I have got to be the slowest blogger in the world. I am going to try to do better about keeping up. I am so far behind that I have a ton of things to post. I am hoping to have some time tonight so hopefully I will get caught up. In the mean time I wanted to let you all have a link to these awesome pictures of my super cute kids. I should be getting the proofs on a disk soon and then I think I can post them directly. But until then if you are interested go to and look for the Isabel and Andrew pictures. If you get looking my adorable niece is also there her name is Kennedi . You won't believe how grown up they are getting. Time sure flies!!!