Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School

Isabel picked out her first day of school clothes the other day at the mall. She got this cute dress at American Eagle. Holy Cow! How did my little girl start fitting into clothes in the junior section. Her feet are now only a half a size smaller that mine. I miss my little girl, but am so excited to see what kind of young women she will become. She is such a sweet girl.
Isabel had her first day of school on Wednesday. Actually it was kind of a first day of school for all of us. We signed up for The Idaho Virtual Academy for this year. So I am her teacher for this year and we do it all at home. It is a neat program where they send you all of your curriculm and supplies, and you also have a teacher that is always available to help you out. And it is all free because it is a charter school. We just really felt like we needed to try something new this year, and out of the available choices here, we really felt this one was the best one. Isabel is really excited about it. I am a little nervous, but so far it has been great. They also set up alot of activities so you have a chance to meet lots of other families. Isabel is also signed up for Art classes at the art museum. She had taken classes there before we moved to NM and really missed her teacher. So she is super excited about that. She is still trying to decide on one other acitivity. She is thinking maybe karate. I think that would be a great choice for her.
And in case you didn't notice her hair in the pictures. Yes it is hot pink. Last time her and I went to get our hair cut I went dark and she got a little pink. She loves it and I figure it is just hair. It is semi-permenant so it will eventually wash out, but it is lots of fun in the mean time.

Our New House

We are just getting ready to start constuction on our new home. My dad was so great and gave us five acres to build on. It is the first house we have completely designed and we are so excited. We almost have the plans finalized and my dad should be harvesting the barley off next week. Then we just have to get it surveyed and get our permits. Then we will be underway. It will probably get started mid September and be done sometime in January. (If the weather cooperates.) We will keep updating with its progress. And when we finally move in we expect lots of visitors. So start planning your vacations now!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jon climbs Mt. Borah

Jon, his brother Kenny and his dad took a group of scouts to the top of Mount Borah. In all it took them about 11 hours round trip. Only a few made it all of the way to the top. It was quite an accomplishment. We were all so proud of him.