Thursday, September 25, 2008


Andrew was able to ride in the grain combine with grandpa this year. He really loves all of the big equipment, so he is always super excited to get to ride along. But even as exciting as it was it almost never fails that after a little while the vibrations get to him and he settles in and has a little nap. He is definitely our little future farmer.

My Baby Turned 2!!!

Andrew wanted to have his party at a local pizza place that has a huge play area. He and his cousins had tons of fun running around and sliding. I swear he didn't hardly slow down long enough to sit and open his presents and have a couple of bites of cake.
I can't believe he is already two. Time sure flys by. He is tons of fun and makes us all laugh. He is truly a blessing to our family. He was so worth all of the effort that it took to get him here. I am so glad that we didn't give up and were so blessed to have my sweet boy.
Andrew is talking all the time anymore. He says the funniest things. When Jon came home from work the other day he says to him, "I sure miss you dad!" It totally made his dad's day. He also really likes to say "Mommy watch me, watch me." over and over. He has also started into the whole WHY stage. We sure do love him!!!

Andrew wanted a tractor cake. He really loves anything that has to do with any kind of large equipment. Backhoes are his favorite. I wasn't sure of the best way to make a cake shaped like a tractor so Isabel and I bought some tractors and put them on our Oreo dirt and candy rock cake. It turned out pretty cute and he was really excited about it.