Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Isabel's highlights

Isabel got her hair done today. She really wanted to put highlights in her hair again and she got a new cut. I think that it turned out so cute. She is sure growing up fast.

This Weekend at the Cabin.

We went to my family's cabin in Spencer this weekend. Two of Jon's brothers and their family came with us. It was alot of fun. Jon taught Isabel how to shoot a BB gun at some pop cans. She was pretty good at it.
We are just hanging out by the campfire. Jon with a Mountain Dew in his hand and a Diet Coke in mine. Some things never change!
Isabel had a great time fishing. She caught four fish the first time she went down and gave it a try. One of them was when her hook was just sitting in the water while they released the last fish. She really liked it and would do it all day given the chance.

Jon hanging out with the kids and our neice Emily. This is one of Isabel's many fish that she caught.

Andrew and I went for a walk to look at the wildflowers. He thought it was pretty funny to smell the flowers and then crush them in his hands and throw them. He is such a boy!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Isabel's Goats!

Isabel and Andrew with Isabel's goats. She has a mama named Amy and a baby names Jacob. The kids are having a great time taking care of them.
Andrew feeding baby Jacob.
Andrew and Isabel with the farm dog Sparky in front of a lilac bush that is on the farm. The lilacs are amazing this year.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

We're so HOT... We've got to wear SHADES!!!

Isabel and Andrew sporting their new sunglasses.

Our Last Days in New Mexico

Andrew at the Rio Grande Nature Center.

Jon found a horny toad while golfing and brought it home to a very excited Isabel. She loved it for a couple days and then released it into our backyard.

We took my mom to get a pedicure for her birthday. It was a fun girls day.

Isabel at Old Town.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting Settled (well sort of)

I finally got my Internet hooked up tonight so I can update what we are up to . Our stuff got here yesterday. So we are in the process of trying to figure out what we really need to live for the next while, and what we can just store. It is amazing to see how little we really need to live and how much stuff we actually have. It is a process sorting through boxes and trying to get stuff put away. It has made it feel way more really that we really do live here now. Up until our stuff got here it still felt a lot like we were on vacation and should be going back home any time now. We are all feeling home sick for NM. We sure do miss everyone. On Sunday we were able to go and see Jon's youngest brother bless his first baby. I am really glad that we are able to go to stuff like that again. Well I hope all is well in NM. I will keep you posted I hope you all do the same.