Monday, February 2, 2009

Our house update.

We are now the proud owners of 4 1/2 acres of prime potato growing property thanks to my parents and grandparents. It will no longer grow any more potatoes, but hopefully we will grow many new memories there instead. Things are starting to move rather quickly on our house. We finished up our plans and have applied for our building permits. We are going out with our builder this week to plot out exactly where the house will sit. It is a bit overwhelming when you walk out in the middle of a field and go "well maybe here would be good" . There are just so many possibilities, so luckily Jon is better about making decisions that I am, or three months from now we might still me trying to figure out the best place to put the house. Hopefully within the next week or two we will have a hole in the ground. It is a little bit tricky because we have quite a bit of snow and it is really cold to be pouring concrete. So I really hope that it starts to warm up soon. It is really exciting!

Andrew the fish

Andrew is my little fish. He loves the water and loves to swim. We try to take the kids to a hot spring that is about an hour from here and let them swim at least once a month. It is a super kid friendly pool because the water is nice and warm and they have a large shallow area. If it wasn't such a drive we would probably go more often.
Jon is teaching Andrew to float on his back. He is fearless of the water and is trying to learn to swim. When he doesn't have his life jacket on he tries to paddle his arms and kick. I would bet he will be swimming by the end of summer.

He LOVES the diving board!!! He loves to jump off by himself and swim over to the side. It is so cute because he looks so little standing up there all alone.

Andrew swimming to the side of the pool.

My little man!

Isabel and Shiloh

Isabel and Shiloh at the barn.
Andrew likes to see his breath while we are trying to stay warm while watching Isabel ride. It has been really cold. Most days we feel really lucky if we get up to 25 and don't have any wind. We sure do miss the winters in New Mexico!

Isabel's pride and joy!

This is Isabel's teacher Lisa. She has been great with Isabel. She is a real cowgirl.

Isabel started taking horse riding lessons in October. She loves it tons!!! She pretty much thinks and talks nonstop about horse stuff. It is really a lot of fun to watch her light up and get so animated when she talks about her horse and the stuff she is doing with it. We got her a horse named Shiloh for Christmas. We also took my old saddle in and had them clean it up and shorten up the stirrups for her. So slowly but surely we are getting her set up to be a super cute cowgirl.